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Discover the most beautiful treasures of Egyptian civilization: ancient temples and tombs erected to the glory of the pharaohs line the banks of the river to Aswan. There, the famous dam opens on Lake Nasser, on the edge of which enthroned the colossi of Abu Simbel.

In Cairo, museums and eternal pyramids bear witness to the legacy of the pharaohs. Alexandria, second city of the Roman Empire for five centuries, brings together the remains of ancient splendor. Far from the busy sites, the green oases that punctuate the western desert offer the traveler another image of Egypt: adventure awaits you in the heart of the great outdoors. To end your journey with peace of mind, choose Hurghada or Sharm el sheikh, which offers beautiful beaches and underwater worlds of great wealth.

Discover Cairo

THE Antiquities Museum This museum collect over than 120000 priceless relics and antiques and contains the famous treasure of Tutankhamun’s tomb including a solid gold death mask streaked with blue glass strips imitating lapis lazuli.   THE SOUK OF KHAN EL KHALILI Renowned for its multitude of stalls, khan el khalili souk (XIVs.) Is impregnated...
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Discover Alexandria

The Library Opened in 2002, the new Alexandria Library is a large modern building that represents a second sun rising to the sky. This new library gives its glory to this mythical city, bringing back to Alexandria all the knowledge of our time.   National Museum Housed in the former US Consulate, this museum, which...
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Discover luxor

TEMPLE OF LOUXOR Located on banks of the Nile, this majestic temple was baptized by the ancient Egyptians (harem of Amon), the protect God of city. With its impressive statues and columns, this site one of the oldest places of prayer in the world has preserved all it’s charm.   KARNQK TEMPLE This huge site...
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Discover Aswan

THE TEMPLE OF KOM OMBO Located on a hill overlooking the Nile, this temple is dedicated to the two Gods Sobek, the crocodile God, and Haroeris, the sun God with falcon head. You can see mummified crocodiles, the Egyptian calendar and surgical instruments.   THE TEMPLE OF EDFOU Temple of Edfu, dedicated to the God...
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