Discover Alexandria

The Library

Opened in 2002, the new Alexandria Library is a large modern building that represents a second sun rising to the sky. This new library gives its glory to this mythical city, bringing back to Alexandria all the knowledge of our time.


National Museum

Housed in the former US Consulate, this museum, which traces the history of the city, is rich with about 1900 pieces from different eras of Pharaonic Egypt, Christian, and Muslim.



 The largest underground Roman necropolis in the world, the catacombs, dug into the rock to a depth of 35 m, are connected by a spiral staircase serving three levels of tombs and burial chambers combining Egyptian, Pharaonic and Greek styles.


Roman Theater De Kom El Dik

A small Roman theater unique in Egypt, this site, still in search for 30 years, has unearthed galleries, sections of mosaic floors and white marble seats to accommodate up to 800 spectators.



Installed on the site of the light house of Alexandria, the fort was built in the fifteenth century by the Sultan Mamluk Quit Bay to protect the harbor peninsula. The fortress also includes a mosque whose columns of red granite probably come from the light house.


The mosque of Morse Abu El Abbas

Located in the city center, this white-walled mosque, an impressive example of Islamic architecture, has oblong domes at the center of an esplanade.